by Hellman, Lillian

  • DPS Red

Genre: Drama

Cast 6 male 4 female

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence UK & Ireland only

ISBN 9780856760914

Picture a traditionally graceful and charming house in the American deep South at the turn of the century. Into this peaceful scene bring the prosperous but grasping Hubbard family - Ben, possessive and scheming; Oscar, cruel and arrogant; Ben’s son Leo, weak and unprincipled; and deadliest of all, his wickedly clever and predatory sister, Regina - each trying to outwit the other. In contrast, meet lonely intimidated Birdie, whom Oscar wed for her father’s cotton fields; and wistful Alexandra, Regina’s daughter, who despite her love for her ailing father Horace, is unable to shield him from the implacable and ultimately murderous hatred that his wife feels for him.  The Little Foxes is acknowledged to be one of the best and most important American plays written in the last half-century.


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