by Hart, Moss

  • DPS orange

Genre: Comedy

Cast 9 male 4 female

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence UK & Ireland only

ISBN 9780822206644

A popular hit both on Broadway and in the West End, this lively comedy revolves around a group of New York theatre people attending the opening of their new play. Everyone has high hopes at the prospect of a tremendous success. However, once the opening has passed, panic sets in when the cast, director and producer all sense disaster. They complain and bicker like spoilt children whilst the playwright looks on in disbelief. Ironically, it turns out that in spite of the curious reception by the first night audience, the play has in fact made a good impression and when the news spreads that the reviews are on the whole favourable, the tables are turned. It is now time for the playwright to lay down the law. “Full of dotty theatrical, sharp one-liners .... and a final eloquent defence of the rights of both authors and producers in the most cut-throat, heartbreak business on earth. One of those plays which shines.” [Time Out]


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