by McLure, James

  • Acting Edition 3

Genre: Comedy

Cast 3 female

Length Short

Set Exterior

Licence UK & Ireland only

ISBN 9780822206453

Conceived as a companion piece to precede Lone Star with which it constitutes a full evening of theatre, this play can also be equally effective presented independently. The action centres on the discontent and very funny gossip of three small town wives whose marriages have turned out to be less than what was hoped for. On a hot summer afternoon, Elizabeth and her friend Hattie sit out on the porch folding laundry, sipping bourbon and coke and gossiping. They are joined by the self-righteous Amy Lee who cannot resist blurting out that Elizabeth’s husband Roy has been seen around town with another woman. Whilst the ensuing conversation is increasingly edged with bitter humour, there emerges nevertheless a sense of Elizabeth’s inner strength and her quiet understanding of the turmoil which has beset her husband since his return from Vietnam.

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