by Chappell, Eric

  • Last of the Duty Free new

Genre: Comedy

Cast 4 male 3 female

Length Full

Set Composite

Licence World in English

ISBN 9780856763472

Thirty years after the disastrous antics in the original Duty Free, Eric Chappell has reunited the couples at the Hotel San Remo in Marbella once again in another hugely entertaining adventure!
When working class David and Amy met upper-middle class Robert and Linda whilst holidaying at the San Remo in Spain, their differences were immediately apparent. But, opposites were proven to attract, and a most unlikely romance developed, with hilarious consequences. And now they are back: David more lustful, Amy more cynical, Robert more dangerous and Linda more romantic than ever!
With love in the Mediterranean air, holidaymakers watch on in disbelief as deceptions, misunderstandings and preposterous situations unfold, with the love struck protagonists trying every trick in the book to keep their amorous intentions a secret!

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