by Chodorov, Jerome & Fields, Joseph

  • DPS cream new

Genre: Comedy

Cast 11 male 6 female

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence UK & Ireland only


Harry and Grace Graves have two children—Lois, and Judy, who at 13 has, besides her confidante Fuffy and an amazing capacity for food, a burning desire to grow up to the glamorous age of 16. With characteristic reasoning Judy decides that her father must be in love with the daughter of his boss, affectionately called J.B. It is decided that it is Judy’s duty to bring Harry back into the family fold. In addition to saving her family, Judy takes it upon herself to ‘save” her Uncle Willis, whom she has never seen until his unexpected arrival on Christmas Eve. Because Uncle Willis’ name must never be mentioned in the presence of her mother, Judy decides he has been spending his time in jail. When Judy isn’t binding the family ties, she and Fuffy practice walking in their first high-heeled shoes and conspiring to wangle young men to be their escorts for the New Year’s dance; the result of all of which practically assures Harry of the loss of the partnership with J.B. However, with circumstances at their worst, there is an unexpected turn, and Judy becomes Miss Judy Graves, a lovely Junior Miss who has her escort for her first dance.


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