by Yale, Katherine Betsko

  • DPS green new

Genre: Comedy

Cast 2 male 3 female

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence UK & Ireland only


Having married an American serviceman during his wartime stint in England, Iris has looked forward to coming to the United States - to the glittering, glamorous world she has seen depicted in Hollywood movies. But her new home turns out to be a grimy coal mining town in Pennsylvania where life is dull and arduous. The play is both a revealing study of the men who labour in the mines and a poignant statement about the strong bonds of sisterhood which exist between the women who share their lives, and the action of the play moves inexorably and powerfully through a series of crises - some hilarious, some deeply stirring - which brings Iris both the understanding she needs to comprehend her fate, and also the strength to break away and seek a better life for herself and her infant daughter.


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