by Tredinnick, Miles

  • It's now or Never New

Genre: Farce

Cast 4 male 3 female

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence World in English

ISBN 9780856761485

The hilarious sequel to the author’s Laugh? I Nearly Went to Miami! is set in a Spanish villa where Tom Weals, an Elvis fanatic, and Alice, his fiancee, have arrived in preparation for their long-awaited wedding. Keith Clark, a friend who Tom had met at an Elvis Presley Convention, has offered them the use of his villa while he is in London - but their arrival is predated by Keith’s sighting of the ‘real’ Elvis, alive and hiding out in a nearby villa. Alice is not much of an Elvis fan, and although Tom has promised to forget Elvis, at least for the duration of the wedding and honeymoon, Keith talks Tom into helping him kidnap Elvis and sell the story to the ‘Sunday Insider’. Things go awry however, when ‘Elvis’ appears to ‘die’ in their captivity and the ensuing confusion arising from the abduction while hiding their adventures (and the body) from Alice and convincing Daphne Wood, the ‘Insider’s’ ace hack reporter, of their conquest results in frenzied chaos as a variety of ‘Elvises’ appear and disappear, identities change by the moment, and the Spanish police arrive to investigate a break-in at a nearby villa. Things are eventually sorted out and ‘Elvis’ is identified as Rocco, a local award-winning designer…of non-stick supermarket trolly wheels. Or is he?? Events reach hysterical proportions before everyone gets their just deserts.


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