by Thornton, Jane

  • I want That Hair new

Genre: Comedy

Cast 3 female

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence ESW ex. US & Canada

ISBN 9780856762970

Jane Thornton’s plays include Shakers (with John Godber), Amid the Standing Corn, Back to the Walls, Handle with Care, Catwalk, Cut ‘n’ Dried and the stage adaptations of Dracula (also with John Godber) and Wuthering Heights. She has won two BAFTA awards for her television writing, including the series Bloomin’ Marvellous and Oddsquad, both co-written with John Godber. Jane is also a director and as an actress has appeared in numerous roles on stage and television.

In her early twenties, university-educated Bex took over her mother’s hairdressing salon rather than begin a teaching career. Now Bex is approaching 40 and her salon is under fierce competition from a newcomer across the road, precipitating a crisis with Heidi, her friend who works for her. Her husband Max has planned a surprise 40th birthday party for her, though it’s not much of a surprise and in fact rather unwelcome. As the two women attend to their clients, I Want That Hair looks without flinching at what turning 40 can mean to someone who has never really been anywhere in their life, and is just beginning to realise that they probably never will.

“The heartbreak creeping up on Thornton’s two crimpers is as real and as meaningful as anything in Chekhov, and hidden under a very similar layer of ripe comedy.” - Theatre Record

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