by Chase, Mary

  • Harvey New

Genre: Comedy

Cast 6 male 6 female

Length Full

Set 2 Interior Sets

Licence UK & Ireland only

ISBN 9780856761379

One of the longest running comedies in Broadway and West End history, Harvey has endeared generations of audiences with the relationship of the amiable Elwood P Dowd and his best friend, the 6’1” tall white rabbit which only he can see. Elwood’s family are finally driven to committing him into Chumley’s Rest - home for the mentally disturbed, and here the fun really starts when Doctor Chumley becomes convinced he, too can see Harvey and, believing that the rabbit is a spirit of good fortune, attempts to charm him away from Elwood. The madness is catching as everybody soon believes that Harvey is as large as life. A true classic of modern theatre.


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