by Latham, Jean Lee

  • DPS Tan

Genre: Comedy

Cast 10 female

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence UK & Ireland only


Rhodes Manor is a strange old house, and rumored to be haunted. Mrs. Rhodes, the owner has long been absent and a forbidding housekeeper, Deborah Cass, is the sole tenant. A letter from “an unknown friend” brings Helen Underwood, a mystery writer, to the manor in search of first-hand material. She rents the house for the weekend and brings Mary Fitzgerald, her efficient secretary, (who publicly pretends to be “Helen Underwood” to spare the timid Helen from publicity) and Glory, her maid. But two others have preceded them, Marcia Stone and Alda Iverson, a professional hypnotist. These two are prepared to take a hand in whatever happens in the eerie old house. Tillie Van Winkle, a perky old woman who wants to be a detective, also arrives at the Manor, and Biddy Hagerty, vigorous sheriff, come having been summoned by the housekeeper. Mrs. Rhodes also turns up, in reply to a letter from Deborah, which the housekeeper, strangely, insists she did not write. Nor did she rent the house to Helen. As the fast-moving story unfolds, it becomes evident a sinister force is bent on putting Helen Underwood out of the way; but since Mary pretends to be Helen, peculiar things happen.


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