by Farquhar, Robert

  • Dust to Dust New

Genre: Drama

Cast 2 male 1 female

Length Full

Set Flexible

Licence World in English

ISBN 9780856762703

The news of Mick Finnegan’s death comes as a shock to his friends, but knowing Mick it’s not really unexpected. Mick had fallen down the stairs, probably while drunk, and his ex-wife Holly and drinking friends Henry and Kev are left to tidy up after him. The trio lurch from boozy brawls to soul-searching clarity and back again while sorting out his possessions, tying up the loose ends in his life and making arrangements for Mick’s cremation. Soon a profoundly bittersweet story of friends lost and found begins to emerge, culminating in an epic drive to the far north of Scotland to scatter Mick’s ashes in the sea.

Part ghost story and part road movie, Dust to Dust is a passionate story of life, love and death from one of the most exciting new voices in British Theatre.

“This is riveting stuff, full of nuance and detail worthy of Alan Bennett.” - Daily Mail


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