by Bhim, Michael

  • Darfur new

Genre: Drama

Cast 4 male 2 female

Length Short

Set Flexible

Licence World in English

ISBN 9780856762994

Part of a collection of seven short plays originally commissioned by London’s Tricycle Theatre to stimulate discussion and debate on the on-going situation in Darfur entitled How Long is Never? Darfur - a response. Distant Violence pits a seasoned photojournalist against a young idealistic reporter content to present the Darfur story in the simplest of terms, reluctant to delve below the surface despite what surrounds him.

“A potent reminder that theatre, among its myriad other functions, has a mission to inform . . . the result is an engrossing evening that both heightens our understanding of Darfur and outlines the moral and political dilemma it poses in the starkest possible terms.” - The Guardian

A percentage of all performance royalties from How Long is Never? Darfur - a response will be donated to the Aegis Trust, a leading independent international organisation dedicated to eliminating genocide in Darfur.

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