by Stewart, Brian

  • castros beard new

Genre: Comedy

Cast 4 male

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence World

ISBN 9780856763267

On the eve of Fidel Castro’s historic visit to the United Nations Assembly in 1960, a clandestine meeting takes place in Washington DC – a CIA think tank is hastily assembled whose sole aim is to take down the Castro regime.  From the beginning, no idea is too far-fetched for this group, as the tactics switch from destabilising the Cuban government to outright assassination. Suggestions range from poisonous snakes in the mail, exploding underwater sea shells, putting poison in his socks to make his beard fall out thus stripping Castro of a symbol of power. A plan involving hired Mafia hit men is also considered, and of course, an exploding cigar. But as Castro’s United Nations visit looms ever closer, the stakes continue to rise in this satirical tale of desperate government responses to foreign provocation, probing an issue as resonate today as ever.

“A mordant, irreverent comedy that is also unexpectedly timely and thought-provoking” – New York Times

“Reality is rarely more scary and funny than this!” – The Off-Broadway Review


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