by Meyer, Pau Avila

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Genre: Drama

Cast 4 male 2 female

Length Short

Set Flexible

Licence UK & Ireland only


Life on the rocky coast of Ireland is often harsh and unrewarding, and for a poor lad like Denis, whose mind is less strong than his body, there is little to hope for in the year ahead. His chance meeting with Miss Regan, the young schoolteacher, is a rare and wonderful event, therefore, as she takes an interest in him and becomes his friend. Gradually his feeling for her deepens into love, but his passion is not returned, and when she resolves that it is better for them not to see each other anymore Denis’ slim hold on reason snaps, and he descends into madness and violence. The neighbors come to help subdue him, and it is decided that he must be sent away. But the turmoil in Denis can only be calmed if Miss Regan will come to see him once more, and she finds the compassion to do this—sitting with him through the night and giving him the peace of mind to face their parting in the morning. No one will ever know what transpired between them at last, but whatever happened was touched with human kindness and beauty and brought a glimpse of happiness to a poor, benighted boy whose life will have little enough of the good things that others take for granted.


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