by Cowen, Ron

  • DPS pink new

Genre: Thriller

Cast 2 male 4 female

Length Full

Set Flexible

Licence UK & Ireland only


A clever and suspenseful play, in which the victim plots his own murder—and inadvertently reveals his killer’s identity in so doing. Henry T. Aythecliff, a much married and once successful writer, now heavily in debt, summons his three ex-wives to his mansion, his plan being to extort a sizable amount of money from each of them. He has a secret meeting with each in turn, and when he is discovered murdered, the clues indicate that each of his wives (including his present one) could have done the deed—and had a strong motive to do so. Patiently and resourcefully, the young detective assigned to the case sifts through the ingeniously devised evidence—until, in a surprise ending, the truth is finally revealed, and the guilty party is apprehended.


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