by Kember, Paul

  • asylum new

Genre: Comedy

Cast 6 male 2 female

Length Full

Set Flexible

Licence World in English

ISBN 9780856761409

The latest play from the award-winning author of Not Quite Jerusalem is set in the grounds of a decaying Victorian lunatic asylum scheduled for imminent demolition to provide housing. A second-rate film crew have arrived to make a promotional video for a would-be hit single, but events are complicated by the appearance of Tilly, a former patient who has been released into ‘community care’. It quickly becomes clear that her visit is more than just a social call, and the film crew, hospital staff and patients are thrown into chaos by the events which follow. An endearing play, one which tackles the serious issues of mental health, housing and the darker side of the film industry while remaining a heartwarming comedy and a thoroughly entertaining evening.


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