by Prideaux, James

  • DPS Blue new

Genre: Comedy

Cast 1 male 2 female

Length Short

Set Interior

Licence UK & Ireland only


In her many years as membership secretary at Grassy Acres Country Club, Miss Potter has worked with dedication to limit applications to the “right people” only. So she and Mrs. Stonewell (head of the admissions committee) have no qualms about interviewing young Mr. Upton, who has impeccable family and social credentials to recommend him. But while he passes muster easily, Mr. Upton then flabbergasts them by announcing that his mission is not to get into the club but to stay out! In fact he is opposed to all that the club stands for. The penalty for this breach is, of course, death, which the well-bred Upton accepts with obedient calm. But here too a surprise is in store, as he shortly rises from the “dead,” leaving Mrs. Stonewell in shock and the chastened Miss Potter to long thoughts as to who the right people, and what the best values, really are.


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