by Miller, Arthur

  • Miller general

Genre: Drama

Cast 10 male 5 female

Length Full

Set Open Stage

Licence UK & Ireland only


A brilliantly theatrical, kaleidoscopic view of America during the early years of the Depression. At the centre of the action are the Baums, a wealthy family whose fortune has vanished in the stock market crash but whose story is amplified and illuminated by brief glimpses of other characters’ lives. Moving deftly from scene to scene, some funny, others poignant, the play ultimately becomes a deeply moving evocation of a fascinating period of American history and of the indomitable spirit of its people. An immense success during the recent National Theatre production.

“A spell-binding theatrical event.” Sunday Times
“After far too long an interlude, Miller is back in touch with his best subject, the failure of the American Dream, and back on top of his talent.” New York Times

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