by Bergman, Ingmar

  • All These Women

Genre: Drama

Cast 5 male 6 female

Length Full

Set Flexible

Licence World ex. Sweden


The plot catalyst is the death of a famous musician, Felix. Filing past his bier are all the women of importance in his life and his manager Jillker. His biographer, Cornelius, places a manuscript on the body.

In flashback, Cornelius arrives at Felix’s house to collect material for the biography.  He meets Cecilia, the musician’s young cousin, Felix’s wife, Adelaide and Bumblebee, who shows him the master bedroom. This leads to an amorous encounter, depicted as a dance to tango music.  The following morning Cornelius wakes in Bumblebee’s bed and finds a woman who is about to murder him, mistaking him for Felix.  He escapes to warn Felix of her murderous attempt but is barred from the music room by the chamber maid. In desperation he leaps from a window to find Adelaide firing shots at busts that resemble Felix. Later that night, he gets lost searching for Bumblebee and ends up kissing Felix’s accompanist, Beatrice. Jillker photographs the scene. Cornelius, apprehensive, flees again and drops his cigar, which sets off a firework display.

The next day Jillker persuades Cornelius to dress as a woman to get closer to Felix. He succeeds but at no point do we actually see Felix.  Cornelius then learns Felix is to play his composition, “Song of the Fish” or “Abstraction No. 14”. Jillker threatens to resign but before he does Felix dies.

After the death Cornelius peruses his manuscript and admits he has not captured Felix’s personality. He is accosted by Felix’s “widows” and part of the manuscript disappears. A young man enters.  The women flock round him. Felix is already forgotten together with the biographer.

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