by Jeffreys, Stephen & Brome, Richard

  • Jovial Crew new

Genre: Comedy

Length Full

Set Flexible

Licence ESW ex. US & Canada

ISBN 9780856761621

Written in 1641, A JOVIAL CREW was the last play to be performed before the outbreak of the English Civil War and the deep devisions within English society form a distinctive backdrop for Stephen Jeffreys’ sparkling adaptation of Brome’s comedy, a special commission by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Rachel and Mariel, the two daughters of wealthy landowner Oldrents, become fascinated with a passing group of beggars and together with their two lovers Vincent and Hilliard - and Springlove, the house steward - they run off to accompany the begging crew for what they envision is a life of carefree abandon. But the life of a beggar is full of surprises, few of them jovial.

With music specially written for the play by Ian Dury and Mickey Gallagher, A JOVIAL CREW is a unique theatrical experience and a wonderful alternative to a Shakespearean production.


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