Broken Branches - works by Stephen Hough now on CD

17 November 2011

Broken Branches

Now available: Broken Branches - compositions by Stephen Hough
Label: BIS
Available to purchase HERE

One of the finest pianists performing in the world today, this disc of Stephen Hough’s own compositions was compiled to celebrate his 50th birthday in November 2011. Having composed music from the age of six, the 2005 cello concerto The Loneliest Wilderness was the ‘first serious piece in two decades’, but this has been followed by a steady stream of works, inlcuding the principal work on this disc - the Sonata for Piano, broken branches.

The sonata is also accompanied by some of Hough’s other important works, Was mit den Tranen geschieht (commissioned in 2009 by members of the Berlin Philharmonic) and the Herbstlieder, a setting of five autumnal poems for solo baritone and piano. The elegiac The Loneliest Wilderness is performed on the CD by Steven Isserlis and the Tapiola Sinfonietta.

Broken Branches also includes Un Piccolo Sonatina and Bridgewater (for bassoon and piano).

Stephen Hough’s compositions are published by Josef Weinberger. A free catalogue of Stephen’s works is available in digital and physical formats. Email us at