André Tchaikowsky in focus at Leeds College of Music

19 September 2013

Andre Tchaikowsky

2013 is turning out to be a bumper year for fans and enthusiasts of the late pianist and composer André Tchaikowsky.

Following the critically-acclaimed world premiere of his opera, The Merchant of Venice, at this year’s Bregenz Festival, a Tchaikowsky Focus Day has been announced by Leeds College of Music for November 1st, to coincide with the publication of a new biography - Tchaikowsky: A Musician Divided: André Tchaikowsky in his own words - by Dr. Anastasia Belina-Johnson.

Starting at 10am, a symposium will explore his life and works in detail, to be followed by an evening recital of several chamber works, including the world premiere of a previously unheard piano sonata.

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