Operette in neun Bildern von Julius Brammer und Alfred Gruenwald

Composer: Ascher, Leo 1880 - 1942

Loosely based on Oscar Straus’ earlier Ein Walzertraum (1907), Hoheit tanzt Walzer (1912) was Austrian composer Leo Ascher’s most successful work. Hochzeitswalzer is the extended version which was first performed in Zurich in 1937. SYNOPSIS: Vienna, early 19th century. Lisi falls in love with Aloisius, a tenor, but they have no future due to a lack of money. Peperl, a music teacher, lends them money to open an inn, but the jealous Plunderer (an inn-keeper) schemes to the couple’s business failure. Princess Marie visits the inn incognito and falls in love with Peperl. The Princess gets found out, but her patronage turns the inn’s fortune. Sadly, forced by court protocol, the Princess has to marry Prince Victor. She makes the best of the situation by appointing Peperl as music teacher to her younger siblings and making him Hofkapellmeister (conductor of the court orchestra).

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