Bruder Straubinger

Operette in drei Akten (vier Bilder) nach M. West und J. Schnitzer von Wilhelm Sterk

Composer: Eysler, Edmund 1874 - 1949

Version: Original

During his lifetime, Austrian composer Edmund Eysler composed sixty operettas - the second of which was Bruder Straubinger (1903). The librettist Ignaz Schnitzer tasked Eysler with setting music to his text for the opera Der Hexenspiegel (The Witches’ Mirror). The work was to be staged at the Vienna Court Opera, but upon completion it was spurned by the director for having overly simple music. However, a certain Josef Weinberger encouraged Eysler to turn the music for Hexenspiegel into an operetta. It became Bruder Straubinger, and was a big success on its premiere in February 1903.

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