The shock of the new...

26 October 2015


The Composer as Performer is still pretty much a rarity these days, but when you’re someone the like of Stephen Hough, the opportunity to present a new work that you have been commissioned to write is a special occasion. His Piano Sonata III (Trinitas) was commissioned for the 175th anniversary of the magazine, THE TABLET, and receives its premiere on Tuesday 27th October at the Barbican.

Based on the use of the 12-note technique, Hough discusses his choice of this technique of composition. Can one “undermine or at least to question the technique itself”?

Stephen Hough talks about his sonata and asks: When the shock of the new feels old what can a composer do?

For a (brief) sneak preview of the new sonata, listen closely as Stephen talks to the BBC about his love of painting